How momentum in life sciences pushed us

into the national spotlight

When one of your growth company COOs spends Christmas Eve on the phone with attorneys, flies to California at a moment’s notice and uses his own credit card to keep things running, you know when they get the nod for venture capital, you have to act quickly. They need space, suitable for a lab. And recruiting top tier talent. No time to build. With a City Council that thinks like a business and a creative, strategic ED team, we’ve been able to make some extraordinary things happen in a very short amount of time. Like opening our community center to house a major biohealth company’s expansion before their new headquarters could be built. Or co-locating high potential companies as part of a business relocation into a larger space than needed.

In the past few years, we’ve been fortunate to announce $500 million in new investment (80 percent falling in the biohealth and technology sectors) and more than 2,100 jobs. With sound infrastructure and leadership, access to regional science partners and top talent, along with a community of innovation, creativity and wellness, we’ve been nationally recognized for our commitment to growing a biohealth cluster.

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